A Poem for #Prince

poem for prince

A Poem for #Prince

by (c) Angie Mack Reilly 4/23/16

Everybody loves a performer while they are performing.

“Traveling Minstrels” I call them.

Going from place to place like gypsies,

trying to make a living pleasing crowds.

Until addiction.

Until sadness.

Until struggle.

Then they are left alone to their own devices and sorrow.

They are left to die alone

in mental anguish and unmarked graves.

Where are those who loved them

when their pockets were running full,

their faces were full of smiles

and their hearts were full of song?

Why, cheering on the next traveling minstrel

who makes them feel good!

For they had sucked the life out of the first!

He gave everything he had and then some,

with all of his sensitivities and musical genius.

He thought they would reciprocate

and it devastated him when they did not.

The Traveling Minstrel_edited

(Pictured above:  “The Traveling Minstrel” by Village of Grafton Poetry Paths winner.  This poem is etched into the sidewalk at 721 10th Ave. Grafton, WI.)

Meet “King” Steve

King Steve Album Cover


By Angie Mack Reilly

“King” Steve is a seasoned, Milwaukee-born native who was heavily influenced by James Brown, Michael Jackson, Al Green, Luther Vandross, Rick James and Smoky Robinson.

Growing up without a father in the home, Steve chose James Brown to be his surrogate mentor.   He spent countless hours listening to songs like “Super Bad” and “Papa’s got a Brand New Bag” while mastering the art of mimicking James Brown.

“King” Steve impersonated James Brown in July 2016 at the Marcus Center for the Performing Arts.  The Hansberry-Sands Theatre Company presented “Let’s Party!  A Journey through Song…” which was a Duke Ellington Tribute sponsored by the Milwaukee Club Frontiers.  “King” Steve has also performed as a James Brown impersonator at festivals such as “Bronzeville Days” in Milwaukee.

“King” Steve has mastered the art of impersonating Michael Jackson as well.  “I always wanted the total package that Michael Jackson had,”  says Steve.  One song that he rehearsed to  was the Jackson Five’s “Never Can Say Goodbye” song as he tried to nail down Jackson’s stage persona.

Steve has also performed around Milwaukee at  Jean’s Supper Club, Diamond’s Lounge, Jamie’s Club Theatre and Transfer Pizza.  For BOOKING:  Contact Steve’s Manager angie@ozaukeetalent.com